Brand Development_
Branding, 3D design, art direction.
Jan. 2021
Case Study_

Apiario is a project that was made out with the support of the Jumex Arte Contemporáneo Foundation, which brings together educators, artists, students and cultural agents, as a forum to design methodologies and tools to solve pedagogical problems of art from the limitations caused by the recent social distancing.

The Goal_

Take the concept "Apiario (apiary)" as a leading element of the identity system. Visually it had to have a modern and accessible feel, focused on the digital medium in a memorable way. In addition to having the challenge of working the entire identity in a short period of time.


We start from the reference of apiary structures to evoke the collaborative and expansive environment of the project. Through a 3D synthesis, a clean, precise and true to nature style was communicated, avoiding any cliche. These visuals inspired by beehives accompany all communication and are used organically to reinforce the concept of connections. For its part, the icon places a strong emphasis on spilled honey as a complementary element, under a playful and experimental style that goes with the use of a sans serif typeface with details that resemble pixels and give it a technological touch.

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