Cereal Talks

Brand Development_
Branding, photography.
Nov. 2016
Case Study_

Cereal Talks are collaborative events where local creatives share their ideas about the design of products, services and experiences of amazing quality.

The sessions are held in The Monopolitan Cereal Bar, a space designed to stimulate your creativity while enjoying a collection of cereals brought from around the world, and learn new concepts to create an agile, durable and happy business. Bullets that should be taken into account to create a cereal bar with an innovative spirit.

The Goal_

Creating a fun identity for a creative event based on the design elements of the hosting site.


We took the characteristic colors of cereals in a milk bowl. Our visual solution employs the same contrasts to create a minimalist and fun atmosphere. Furthermore, the logo is made up of a rounded “C” to reinforce the fun part. To complement the communication of the brand, we made a shoot of the interior design, a minimalist space that encourages the flow of good ideas and cereal. Lots and lots of cereal!

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