Brand Development_
Branding, art direction.
Gdl. Mx.
Oct. 2019
Case Study_

First edition of the FENCA (Feria Nacional de Calzado de Autor), focused on connecting and promoting independent small and medium-sized companies within the footwear industry of Jalisco, through the design, development and manufacture of footwear.

The Goal_

FENCA had to visually mix the traditional environment of the shoe in Mexico and the innovation of an event that positions the author's design, to show itself with a distinguished style within the medium, which would connect with the fashion and trends of the moment but above all applicable to the physical and digital experience of its participants.


We designed an icon system that was used primarily to identify the different sections of the fair, improve the experience of the participants and facilitate the exploration of the pavilions and facilities. The color palette as well as the distribution of shapes reflect a modern design composition that preserves the warmth evoked by the footwear. All these elements were helpful to develop a more complete communication from pins, stickers and mats to posters and signage.

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