Brand Development_
Branding, naming.
Guadalajara. Mx.
Jul. 2016
Case Study_

Totus is a food company that solely focuses on customer needs, from suppliers at the bottom of the pyramid, the finished products all the way up to the end user.

The Goal_

To show itself as a brand adaptable to different market environments, from warehouses where it shouldn't seem too expensive, to a gourmet shop in the fashionable area of ​​the city, reflecting its class and selectivity. Also with the ability to refresh and update its communication as time goes by, without losing its identity.


Referring to the brand concept of "everything". We separate the whole (represented by a golden rectangle) in different basic geometries to establish a relationship with the construction of the logo. From these we generate different visual games (evoking traditional Mexican tiles) with the aim of representing that, to have everything, TOTUS has the task of putting together different parts that complement each other.

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