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Brand Development_
Branding, Web design.
Jersey, UK.
Dec. 2022
Case Study_

VIDA comes from the acronym "Value, Identity, Directness, and Authenticities," which are key components for creating this Gen Z-led consultancy and marketing agency.

A platform based on the philosophy of giving young people worldwide the opportunity to share their perspectives with brands and to establish connections and experience new global opportunities. However, besides Gen Z, it also connects with older generations to serve as their translators of current market trends to improve their marketing and communication strategies.

The Goal_

With the statement "experience life while building a career," the identity must connect with the vitality and dynamism highlighted by the naming. A 100% digital and global focus aimed at new generations, but clear and approachable for all those who are not.


The concept embodies the dynamism of the new generations as a transition to new forms and possibilities. To give meaning to this, color and contrasts are key elements of VIDA's identity, based on a vibrant color palette that exudes positivity.

The brand's typography plays with highs and lows to maintain movement and give it a versatile appearance for digital use. A collection of stickers with brand quotes was also designed to reinforce the brand's philosophy, together generating a graphic language that permeates the entire identity, website, and social media to give life and expand the personality of the new generation.

On the website, images document the naturalness of the agency's activities and are combined with colorful backgrounds to bring light and energy to classic stories. The feeling of excitement extends throughout all sections to create a vibrant and mobile-friendly space.

We maintained all the basic elements of the existing identity to give it a life of its own, adding gradients that allow elements to be united and maintain the relationship between sections. Animated icons and elements that appear to add an interactive touch, and a modern, functional, and neutral supporting typography to avoid the temptation to become illustrated.

“I feel like Los Fígaro were working inside my head. They perfectly executed my vision and did what I never could have alone. From the word go, I knew that I had chosen the right team to work on VIDA, a Gen Z marketing and consulting agency, their ideas and creative vision were second to none. The colours and movement of the branding and website are something that I’ve never seen before. I really wanted it to stand out and to be as interactive as possible, which it definitely does. I have had SO MANY compliments on the website and branding, I’m forever grateful. 

As the process was completely online I was sceptical as to how it would work due to us being so far away from each other and in massively different time zones. Their streamlined approach meant that the team worked perfectly and with very clear communication, completely online, whichI love! I will be using them in the future. Thank you again!”

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